What’s in your treats?

Take a look at the ingredients. There’s a good chance they are chockfull of various by-products, chemicals, coloring agents and preservatives.

When we realized that our dog Charlie was ingesting a chemical concoction every time we gave him a treat, we decided to make our own handmade dog treats! Whether they’re Grass Fed Cow Heart, Free-Range Venison, Grass Fed Liver, Free-Range Chicken or for our Vegan Dog ,Organic Peanut Butter & Apple Mint, they are homemade from wholly organic, locally- sourced ingredients. Have you ever looked at a package of dog treats and found yourself puzzled by the lengthy list of unfamiliar ingredients?

With Charlie Chews, that won’t ever happen, what you see is what you get! Charlie Chews wants you to love what’s in your dog’s treats and we believe our treats are the best choice for your best friend. For more information on our organic dog treats, read OUR STORY.

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What folks are saying – “We tried our first bag of Charlie Chews with our dogs after visiting New York for the holidays. Our dogs LOVE them!!! Our small dog has issues with allergies and we have never been able to really figure out what he is allergic to BUT since we’ve been using Charlie Chews the inflammation has gone down a lot! We are fans!!! Thanks!” -Brooke (click here for more)





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